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Mental Health Portal

Mental health is just as important as physical health. When we feel mentally well, we’re enjoying a better life of ourself, helping others, and contribute better to communities. This page provide resources, we hope you will find them useful. In case of mental distress, talk to someone you trust. If you feel you need it, seek help from a professional.

It’ll get better. Recovery is possible. Acknowledge, and get help.
Have a seat. You are not alone ☺

This page is still in progress. Great things take time.

Type of Issues ↗

Get a hold of some of the issues within minds.

Guidance ↗

Understand, overcome, prevent, or help someone.

Need a Hand? ↗

Find a counselor, questions to ask, recovery.

Useful Apps ↗

For anxiety, for stress, for mindfulness.

Note: midnight alley is not a counseling, nor a mental health professionals. We do not encourage people to self diagnose. If you find yourself in danger, you need to seek help from professionals right away. All info provided are meant for knowledge-purpose only, and a portal to support mental wellbeing.

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